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Clear Skin in 3-4 months is possible without the use of prescription medications.



KLAR Skin & Medical Spa is a certified Acne Clinic to help treat all ages and skin types that suffer from mild to severe acne. 

More than 60 million Americans suffer from some form of acne breakouts. Acne affects more than 80% of all teenagers at some time in their lives, and clogged pores comprise more than 25% of all visits to the dermatologist. Acne has hit epidemic proportions in adults, especially women. What used to be just a teenage problem is now a real challenge in people’s lives.

If you want to get clear without the use of prescriptions, Acne Bootcamp can help!


Face Reality Acne Boot Camp specializes in treating moderate to severe Inflamed, non-inflamed and combination acne. It has a clear-skin system that combines the power of clinical-grade home-care products that are customized for your type of acne and skin with a series of bi-monthly or monthly treatments that facilitate the clearing of your skin. We also believe in a holistic approach including lifestyle factors, food, supplements and other triggers and will go over all of that in depth.

We hand pick your home-care products after analyzing your skin.

Your home-care use of ONLY these products will be used morning and night, combined with in office treatments will bring you to the result you have been hoping for.




The process begins with an in person consultation. You’ll complete an intake form before your appointment and we’ll spend time talking about your answers. We’ll conduct sensitivity testing and perform your first acne treatment, followed by a discussion of treatment options.


If you’re ready to go all in, we will put together a customized Face Reality homecare regimen for you. Your success is directly tied to you doing your routine every single day, morning and night! We also give you a list of lifestyle considerations and a list of pore clogging ingredients to check against everything you currently use.


Treatments help your acne clear more quickly! They consist of an enzyme or peel, extractions if needed, high frequency and LED light therapy. If you are unable to come in for treatments, we’ll need to do email check-ins to monitor your progress and adjust your homecare routine.

Your acne can be controlled through the continued use of Face Reality products and corrective treatments. In as little as 12 weeks, you will see a dramatic improvement in your overall complexion. Many people see significant results in the first month. Once your acne is under control, it’s important to follow your Face Reality regimen to keep your skin clear. Unfortunately, acne cannot be cured, only controlled.


Acne Bootcamp Pricing


Consultation & First Treatment


Initial Homecare Products


Bi-weekly Acne Treatments, most clients will need 6.


Can I participate in Acne Bootcamp if I’m pregnant or nursing?

Yes! Some peels, modalities and products will need to be avoided, but you can safely participate in treatments and homecare during this exciting time. You’ll be encouraged to share program information with your doctor for full approval!


Will I need to make changes to my diet?

Maybe! We will give you a list of lifestyle factors that may affect your success. If changing your diet is overwhelming, you can choose to start by focusing on your skincare routine first. Eliminating certain foods can be a part of your long term clear skin strategy!


How long will it take to get clear?

Most clients see a dramatic improvement in the first 90 days, as long as they have been following their routine as instructed. Certain types of non-inflamed acne may take longer.


What will my routine be like?

Most people have 4-6 steps in the morning and evening. Don’t be afraid of this though! We will give you very specific instructions and it won’t take more than 5-10 minutes.


Can children and teens participate in Acne Bootcamp?

Success in Acne Bootcamp depends on compliance with the homecare program. Consider carefully whether you think your son or daughter is motivated enough to tolerate treatments and stick to their routine.


What happens at Acne Treatment appointments?

An Acne Treatment consists of photo documentation, a hydrating enzyme or peel treatment, extractions, high frequency and/or LED light therapy. It may include sensitivity testing for new products, homecare adjustments, and consultation time.

Do I need to have Acne Treatments?

Acne treatment appointments help skin clear more quickly. If time, distance or budget prevent you from booking treatments you may opt for a homecare only plan.

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