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Laser Hair Removal

Spider Vein Removal

Spider veins can mar the appearance of your face and legs, making them look older and less healthy. Laser treatments can collapse and remove the veins, which can dramatically improve the appearance of the affected areas, creating a more youthful, healthier, more even appearance.

Spider veins respond best to the laser treatments, which emit a beam of light energy that is absorbed by the dark pigments in blood vessels and blood cells. The absorbed energy is released as heat that thermally damages the interior lining of the blood vessels, causing them to collapse and fade from view. Our laser has optics specifically designed for vascular treatments with adjustable power levels and spot sizes that allow precise tracing of veins to ensure complete and proper closure. A licensed professional employs a laser to target unwanted veins. The light causes them to collapse and gradually fade from view.

We use the Rohrer Spectrum long pulse laser to treat spider veins on the leg and face. The long pulsed 1064 nm laser is able to penetrate deeper into the skin than lasers that use shorter wavelengths of light. This enables treatment of deeper vascular lesions such as deeper spider veins, hemangiomas, reticular veins and leg veins than can be targeted with other lasers.


  • Award-winning laser by Rohrer.

  • Effective and safe.

  • No downtime (some bruising may occur/social downtime)

  • Facial Veins/Capillaries

  • Spider Veins

For Best Results

  • It is best not to tan prior to this procedure for optimal effectiveness of the laser treatment.

  • Treated area is sensitive to sun damage, wear sunscreen or cover area

  • Not for large/raised veins


Common Questions

Is Spider Vein Removal Permanent?

Although laser treatment can remove existing veins, more can develop, which would require future treatments.


What Types Of Veins Will The Laser Work For? Is It Effective On Thicker, Varicose Veins?

The laser is most effective for very small spider veins on your legs or face. Spider vein are the thin, blue veins that do not cause symptoms and are only cause for cosmetic concern. Larger varicose veins or veins that are symptomatic do not get good results from treatment with the laser.


How Do I Prevent Spider Veins From Coming Back?

The most conservative approach to preventing spider veins is to wear properly fitting support hose or compression stockings. Unfortunately, once the spider veins have developed, they do not disappear even with wearing stockings.


What Is My Downtime For Spider Vein Treatments?

There can be some minor bruising and swelling. We recommend you schedule your laser vein treatments at least 2 weeks before an event.


What Do I Need To Know Or Do Before Treatment?

Here are our pre-treatment instructions. Please let us know if you have any questions. Please follow these instructions carefully: The following instructions should be followed closely except when instructed. Notify Dr.Ferguson of any changes in your condition and feel free to call the office with any questions. We want your treatment to be as effective as possible.



Please advise us about all of your medical conditions and medications before you have your treatment, as there are some that prevent us from performing Laser Vascular Treatments. These include, but are not limited to the following:

If you are pregnant or nursing

If you have taken Accutane any time in the past two years

If you have an active herpes infection, you may not have the treatment until it resolves.

If you are prone to herpes, but do not have an active infection. 

Please advise us if you have any healing disorders like diabetes, a connective tissue disease or are undergoing radiation or chemotherapy.

If you have a history of hypertrophic or keloid scars.


Before Your Treatment

Avoid sun exposure for three weeks before your treatment. Tanned skin has extra melanin which attracts laser energy and may lead to pigmentation changes in the skin.

Plan your treatments allowing for a period of no vigorous activity or use of hot tubs, saunas or spas for 3 days after treatment.

Stop using all products containing hydroquinone and Tretinoin (RetinA) on the treatment area 3 days before treatment.


The Day Of Your Treatment

You may use Tylenol for discomfort.

Avoid applying any lotion, sunscreen, perfume or similar cosmetics to the surface of your skin in the treatment area.

You may wish to bring a pair of shorts to wear during your treatment if you are having your legs treated.

If you are having your legs treated, we recommend using support hose continuously after your treatment. You may purchase these in advance at a medical supply store or pharmacy.

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