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Chemical peels lessen the appearance of blemishes and minimize fine lines and wrinkles. Chemical peels penetrate the skin surface, create a mild inflammatory response and cause the skin to gently peel. This process increases collagen production, improves blood flow and promotes the growth of a new healthy layer of skin.

KLAR Skin & Medical Spa uses medical grade chemical peels based on your skin type and sensitivity, our expert providers will choose the chemical peel that is right for you.

An in office consultation will be performed before any chemical peel treatment. 

 The Custom Peel is tailored to each individual client to address their specific skin concerns and goals.

After a thorough skin analysis, a chemical peel will be chosen to fit you skin's needs. Whether it is discoloration, sun damage, acne or loss of elasticity/collagen, treating the skin with the appropriate chemical peel will help correct these concerns. 


Light Custom Chemical Peel


Acne Bootcamp Peel

 The Acne Bootcamp Peel is for accelerating results and providing professional level exfoliation to clear acne. This treatment is for all Acne Bootcamp clients who want to take their skin to the next level. 

These are very mild corrective peels that address both acne and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.




The Perfect Derma Peel reveals clear, brighter, and healthier skin in just 7 days!
It's exclusive formulation provides superior results for aging skin, acne, melasma, hyperpigmentation, and many common skin concerns. It is also virtually painless with little downtime and offers a smooth, consistent peeling process for all skin types and ethnicities. The peel comes with a post peel kit to protect and soothe your skin during the peeling process. 

**Can be done up to 4 times a year.**
**2-3 treatments are recommended for best results




Don't put your plans on hold!
35% TCA with no peeling!

This peel is suitable for all skin types, colors and ages.
It is excellent for those with acne prone, congested skin and skin with pigmentation and scarring.
It is great to prevent aging as it contains essential amino acids and vitamins that every skin requires.
It is just as well beneficial for the young ski
n during acute stages of acne, blackheads, with recent scarring.

Due to its extremely short downtime, it is a savior for those with busy schedule and frequent social commitments.

**2-3 treatments are recommended for best results**


An innovative treatment peel that dissolves bonds between cells that carefully removes the
top layer of skin revealing the glowing smooth layer underneath. While exfoliating the skin
surface, it also stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. It is a TCA 35% chemical
peel that provides:

● Biostimulation
● Revitalization
● No Peeling

Where Biostimulation amplifies the fibroblasts to significantly improve the texture
with instant results; Revitalization is responsible for healthy skin formation.

To achieve all of these, the peel contains a blend of the following:

● TCA 35% to improve skin texture, scars and pigmentation
● Salicylic acid to decongest the pores & help with excessive oil
● Tartaric acid to brighten the skin. Lactobionic acid to ensure better
intercellular metabolism.
● Vitamin C to provide antioxidant effect and strengthen the capillaries
● Amino acids & Vitamin B2 to revitalize and stimulate the formation of new
healthy cells, derived of stress, damage and exhaust.

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